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POSEIDON EXPEDITIONS(priority partner)


Poseidon Expeditions is one of the leading providers of expedition cruises in the polar regions. Since 1999, we've been offering voyages that combine a spirit of adventure with the highest levels of superior comfort and well-being and enriching onboard experiences.

​​​​​​_d04a07d8- 9cd1-3239-9149-20813d6c673b_​ So why should you travel to the polar regions with Poseidon Expeditions?


21 years polar experience

Personal, pragmatic and based on our extensive experience in the polar regions, we achieve "the highest standards in high latitudes" for you.

Small ship - big adventure

We are strong believers in small ship expedition cruises. This allows you to always spend the maximum amount of time on land and experience a wide variety of landing sites.

North Pole Icebreaker Expeditions

We are one of only two companies in the world offering North Pole voyages aboard the strongest icebreaker ever built.

Polar cruises are our profession

Our Sea Spirit is in action in the polar regions practically all year round. That is why almost all of our expeditions take place in the Arctic or Antarctic.

Team to passenger ratio 1:8

More than a number - the professionalism and personality of our team is also first class. But ultimately it means we have more time for you.

Experience expeditions actively

Depending on the weather, we offer you intensive experiences with at least two activities per day. Optionally, we also offer you camping and kayak tours.

German language

For us, German is considered good form: On board our expedition ships, German is always spoken in addition to English, and lectures and publications will also be translated for you.

environmental protection and responsibility

We are officially approved for use in the polar regions and are committed to best practices and, of course, to protecting and preserving the environment.

Small ship — big moments

When traveling to the polar regions, the choice of ship is of great importance. The smaller the ship, the greater the experience. Particularly small and agile, the ship can advance into remote areas that remain hidden from other, larger ships.

In the Antarctic there are restrictions that every shipping company has to follow — for example, only 100 passengers can go ashore at the same time. With our small, agile and comfortable SEA SPIRIT (max. 114 passengers) we have the perfect ship to offer you the maximum experience. With its spacious outdoor suites and lounges, the SEA SPIRIT offers the perfect expedition experience in comfortable surroundings and a relaxed atmosphere.

For our North Pole expeditions we have the only true ship for this destination, the «50 YEARS OF VICTORY». The strongest icebreaker in the world. With its 75,000 hp, the 50 YEARS OF VICTORY can break through ice up to 3 m thick.

Nuclear Icebreaker I/B 50 Years of Victory



The icebreaker i/b 50 Years of Victory is the most powerful nuclear powered icebreaker in the world. Thanks to the spoon-shaped bow and its massive power, the 50 Years of Victory is capable of cutting its way through ice up to 2.5 m thick.






MS Sea Spirit



The SEA SPIRIT offers 114 passengers sufficient and comfortable space and space. Add to that the friendly atmosphere of a small and cozy ship. The SEA SPIRIT has a hull reinforced for sailing on ice, manoeuvrable Zodiacs (10) on board and is equipped with stabilizers for a calm water position. The spacious suites all have a private bathroom.


I/B Kapitan Dranitsyn



Kapitan Dranitsyn is a Russian icebreaker. The ship has been converted into a passenger ship and offers expedition cruises in the Arctic Ocean for groups of up to 100 passengers. Kapitan Dranitsyn has a helicopter, fully enclosed lifeboats and a small infirmary on board. It also has a fleet of Zodiacs, allowing passengers to get closer to arctic wildlife and icebergs.



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