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We take the topic of Covid very seriously. The health of our customers always comes first.

Especially in the cruise industry, security is given an extremely high priority. The hygienic measures taken are extraordinarily high.

As an example, we show you the  prevention and hygiene measures of
Hapag Lloyd Cruises.

Always on board:
the highest hygiene standards

The protection and health of guests and crew always have top priority for Hapag-Lloyd Cruises. In cooperation with experts and the responsible authorities, we have developed a prevention and safety concept for the resumption of cruise operations. The following is based on this10 point plan, whose measures allow a safe and comfortable journey on board and comply with the highest hygiene standards in relation to Covid-19. In addition to organisation, capacity planning and hygiene measures, the plan also includes intensive training for the crew on site and answering a questionhealth questionnaireby the guests.


10 point plan


1. Boarding: Health check and Covid-19 test mandatory

In principle, there is a Covid-19 test obligation for all passengers. In addition, a health questionnaire must be presented upon boarding for all trips. Also, mandatory screening of guests by thermal imaging cameras prior to boarding and daily on board is conducted. Boarding takes place at different times and in groups. Here, too, the minimum distance must be observed and medical mouth and nose protection must be worn.


2. Distance rule

Around 40 percent fewer guests - this allows even more distance in the public areas. Everyone is obliged to keep a distance of 1.5 meters between themselves in the public areas of the ship, such as in the restaurants or the fitness rooms.


3rd crew

The crew is isolated before the start of the mission and undergoes a Covid-19 test. In addition, the temperature is checked daily by the medical team before the shift begins. Crew members wear medical mouth and nose protection.


4. Air conditioners

The modern air conditioning systems on board ensure that the cabins (guests and crew) and public areas are supplied with 100 percent fresh air. The fresh air is cleaned by filters. The exhaust air is discharged directly to the outside without being mixed.


5. Restaurants

The tables in the restaurants will be reduced and occupied with a minimum distance of 1.5 meters. This limits the number of guests in the restaurant. In order to offer all guests enough space, the opening hours of the restaurants and other offers will be extended.


6. Lots of variety, more service, no self-service

An unchanged high number of employees with a significantly reduced number of passengers means more individual service and more resources for the implementation of hygiene measures. The gastronomic variety is maintained in the restaurants and buffets. There is no self-service in the restaurants, at the buffet or in the bars. 


7. Entertainment and Activities

Events, sports and entertainment offers take place with a smaller number of participants and without closer contact. The stay in the spa area or at the hairdresser is based on the currently valid regulations of the authorities. 


8. Modern technical sanitary equipment

The ships are equipped with thermal imaging cameras and laboratory. The number of disinfectant dispensers on board will be significantly increased so that guests and employees can disinfect their hands at all important contact points, for example in front of the gangways, in all places where food and drinks are served, as well as in the fitness and lobby area .
In addition, every guest on board receives a care set with mouth and nose protection masks (MNS) - so-called surgical masks (OP masks), which must always be worn on board if the minimum distance is not easy to maintain (in the elevator, when embarking and disembarking, when shopping in the boutique, etc.). The surgical masks from the care set serve as a preventive measure and meet the relevant legal regulations.


9. Intensive cleaning of public areas and cabins/suites

The high hygiene status OPP level 3 applies to our fleet. This includes, among other things, the regular cleaning of frequently touched surfaces every 30 minutes. All cabins/suites are cleaned prior to the arrival of new guests using special cleaning products that also eliminate potential Covid-19 viruses. The cabins/suites are cleaned three times a day. Particular attention is paid to surfaces in the bathroom, bedside tables or everyday appliances such as the TV remote control.


10. Public Health Responsible and Extended Medical Team

Additional health personnel on board are responsible for implementing all measures. Hapag-Lloyd Cruises is intensively training the crew on board in the new prevention and hygiene measures. An additional specialist, the Public Health Responsible, is deployed on all ships for this purpose.

​Here you can download our 10-point plan as a PDF.

All cruises we offer have similar prevention and hygiene measures. We would be happy to inform you about thedifferent shipping companies.

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